Crafted With Pride

Locally Sourced - distributed across the USA.
Surfing is a fun, challenging, inspiriting, freedom that every soul desires. Anyone doing it will tell you that it's well... indescribable. We take the fun of surfing seriously; designing some of the most creative shapes that carve, launch, and slide in all conditions for every style surfer. Buying a Savage board is an investment in your quality of life. From its shape to its color, every Savage board is crafted by loving hands and distributed throughout the USA from coast to coast. Our integration of CNC machining has enabled us to manufacture on a large scale, while maintaining the high standards that Savage Surfboards is known for across the US and beyond.
East Coast Heritage.
Savage Surfboards has shaped all types of boards and manufactured surfing related products for surfers all around the globe since 1982. Our Wilmington NC factory was established over 25 years ago so we understand our local breaks as well as the people that surf them. Building an exceptional American made surfboard is a team effort. We're stoked to shape all boards from high performance shortboards and classic nose riders to our performance paddleboards. And your support for us as well as other local retailers in North Carolina is supremely appreciated. Thanks ~ Savage Surfboards.


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