Shaping a Legacy


The secret is in loving what you do; the rest kind of takes shape on its own! From that first moment that you feel the force of mother nature sending you reeling down the face of a wave you are hooked. My building boards derived primarily from my love for the art of surfing, the need for affordable boards, and a curiosity of how waves and boards work together to create this amazing experience. I'd always been gifted with my hands and in the late 60's there were not many manufacturers to choose from. This drove the prices of quality boards up so to get a board like I wanted in my price range I began building boards myself. I was manufacturing boards professionally by 1972 and though I had left the shaping up to others up to that point, out of necessity I began shaping boards myself to keep up with demand.  I opened my own factory in Satellite Beach Florida and soon relocated to North Florida on Atlantic Beach where I started the SAVAGE SURFBOARDS label. Many shapers at that time were somewhat jaded and had a "Rock Star" attitude. They were mostly part timers so I focused on perfecting my craft for reliability and consistency in the industry. In 2013 Shawn O'Donnell began shaping along side me and proved to be an exceptionally skilled craftsman. His humble nature and powerful work ethic, reminiscent of the old school guard soon persuaded me that he was right for Savage Surfboards. We formed a business partnership that has grown into a family bond. We share the same belief system; God, family, and business. Shawn and I freely trade any board building tasks whenever needed which gives us a level of efficiency that would challenge five shapers. It's a great advantage and allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and still offer the SAVAGE brand at wholesale prices to all customers. With the advent of the CNC machine our stock production of boards grew tremendously. The ASP 3000 technology is truly an extension of the shapers hands. We program each of the machine's tasks to duplicate our keen eye, experience, and imaginative design skills. CNC cutting allows us the freedom to hand shape where we are most needed in the board building process and has lowered our labor costs as well. My task as a master board builder today is to make room for the new guard coming up in shaping. Passing along an honorable trade to our youth is a joy and my obligation. Without our youth and their passion in the industry, it will simply disappear. Kenny Briel

Written by LB-Savage Surfboards

"My company's goal in 1982 was and is still today to provide a product that is totally enjoyable and functional to all customers from novice to advanced professionals whether it's a stock board or custom order."  Kenny Briel ~ Savage Surfboards

IMG_7096Kenny Briel

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