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Surf breaks -how, when, and where


Cape Cod Massachusetts. She's cold and distant but welcomes visitors... 
New surfer 2Whether you’re an inspired grom needing waves on which to perfect your newest trick or a life long, seasoned gremmy hoping for a quiet consistent break; we all agree on one thing. Crowds aren't on our wish list…, so we search. I was recently introduced to one of those spots that doesn't get much time on the front page while visiting one of my surfing compadres up North. Turns out he frequents a spot that’s pretty darn special and only a handful of surfers call it home. Located on the peninsula protecting Cape Cod Bay is a chilly stretch of sand and rock that offers up an almost deserted beach break for those of us who are searching for a narley getaway spot.

Neil tells that "Marconi beach and Nauset light are kind of sharky and aren't all that consistent due to the shifting sand bars in winter but this just helps keep the population down if you’re a local. Further down near the Beachcomber in Welfleet and Newcolm hollow the surf has all but dried up. As news of this spread so did the surfers. The exploding seal population feeds an ever  increasing number of Great Whites each year. Apparently about 20 were tagged last year alone around Chatham so we’re pretty much guaranteed a sparse lineup when there’s a peak lol. Cold water can be a strong deterrent to visitors but we love good company and welcome newcomers to our calculated surf spots here along the island coast. You don’t have to be a “year-round-dah” to fit in just thick skinned. Good Southern swells occasionally push up along Road Island, Little Compton and the Newport area warming the surf a bit and dish up some tasty little nuggets too. The take away is simple; less than ideal conditions mean peace and quiet here with waist to occasional overhead conditions complemented by some amazing views. When it gets good locals are usually the first ones to know about it and have it all to themselves" -

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